Project completely ruined / corrupted, still opens but everything is broken

I have a big problem that I’ve encountered twice now. I’ve reopened two of my projects to see that the audio has been shifted around, sped up or down strangely, or playing something completely different from the waveforms. I use audacity to make song mashups so this bug has ruined about an hour of editing. I’m afraid to work on any of my projects in case this happens again. The strangest part is that I didn’t save the previous time I opened the project, so it shouldn’t have changed anything.

I encountered this the first time a week or two ago and it just happened again. My audacity is updated to 3.5.1. I don’t know what more information I can add here since I haven’t been doing anything differently, but please ask so I can figure this out. Thanks.

Your title is perfect. I used Audacity 3.1 for 3 years with no big problems. Went to 3.5.1 and nothing works - menus are missing, it won’t even import a WAV file. It seems like someone from ProTools got in here and destroyed the project. Have you found any announcements from the managers talking about the garbage that is 3.5.1 and their plans to fix it?

I agree with you completely! I’ve also been using audacity for a long time, and I agree that it has been having more and more problems fairly recently. I’m not sure what exactly is causing all of this but it’s really annoying. For every 1 good feature there seems to be 2 new bugs. Like, I’m glad that I don’t need to keep a data folder with all of my projects anymore, but the “compacting project” thing could possibly be the root of my problem here. That’s my only theory right now.

And I haven’t seen any statements on the recent updates, but I would sure like one.