Project--Characteristics, How to Use

I am new to Audacity. I’m requesting help to understand how projects are used.

  1. Does a project hold only one single continuous sound file? Or can it hold multiple sound files?

  2. If I cut and copy (ctrl-x on Windows) a section of a sound file, and I want to save the deleted section in order to use it later, can I store the deleted section in the same project, or must it be saved in a different project?

  3. Can I save multiple versions of one sound file in a project, or must I create a new project for each new version? (I want to back up intermediate versions in case I want to roll back to an previous version.)

Are these questions discussed anywhere in the documentation? If so, where? I am using Audacity v3.4.2 on Windows/10, but I imagine characteristics of a project are the same regardless of the operating system.

How I use Audacity and my progress so far: I want to make a digital copy of an analog cassette recording. Output from the cassette recorder goes into an SSL analog-to-digital converter. The output from the SSL goes to my computer to Audacity. I can make the digital recording using Audacity and I store the recording in an Audacity project. Now I am trying to learn how to edit the sound file, but first I need to learn how to use the Project.

Thank you!

Once you have recorded all tracks from cassette
Click at start of 1st track, then go to Edit- Label-Add label at selection, then just repeat for all the other tracks
Once done go to Edit-Label- Label Editor, Type Names of each track
Save Project
Once satisfied with recording
Create a New Folder where you store your Music/Sound files Name it
In Audacity - go to File- Export Audio- select previous named folder- select Format type- MP3?-
Quality options
Export Range- select Multiple files
Split Files based on - Labels
You can choose to just name exported tracks or choose to add a track number before name

Hi BigCam, Thanks for your reply.
I understand how to do the procedure you proposed.
But I don’t understand the result.
If I do what you suggested, what is the result of going to Edit/Label–Add label at selection. Does this put a chapter mark at the point that I specify, so that if I create a CD from my output, and I press the “next chapter” button on the cd player, does it go to the point where I add the label?
Also, does Audacity add space between sections I create with the “Add label” mark? For example, if my original recording is 60 minutes, and there are 10 separate tracks, so I add 9 labels, will the final product on a CD be 60 minutes in length, or 60 minutes plus added space between each of the 10 tracks?

I still don’t understand the characteristics of a project and what a project can hold, but I’ll attack this question later.


Later: I figured out how to add a label at a certain point in the audio recording. My question is: what does that label do? If I export that file and burn a CD with it, will I get a chapter mark where the label is?

Yet later: I burned a CD and it appears that the label does create a chapter mark when I burn a CD. Some things are not clear but I will experiment and if I have questions I’ll come back. Thanks for your help!

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