Program stops playing back...

Version 2.0
Windows 7

I’m editing tracks (denoising). I hit the space bar for playback; everything works fine. I’m editing one track at a time so I close each session and reopen the program for each new track.
After about 8 or 10 track of success, the playback stops working. When I hit the space bar (or click on the ‘play’ button), the cursor just flashes over the start area but does not move. I hit the stop button (or space bar) and it stops. It’s like it’s looping a millisecond but the loop isn’t on. Maybe I’ve turned it on, but can’t seem to find out how.
The solution to fixing it is rebooting my computer, then it works fine for another 8 or 10 tracks. Very frustrating.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Albert J

I know it’s not likely on Win7, but are you filling up your hard drive? How much space do you have?
To be clear, you close Audacity completely between sessions, File > Exit or Audacity > Quit?

How long is each show?

I have 1Tb drive with about 25% used.
I do close it completely but I hit the ‘x’ and do not save. I can’t see that being an issue.
These are 3 to 5 minutes tracks of Big Band music; the tracks are mono.
Thanks in advance for such a quick response.
Albert J

You complete a job and Export your work. You don’t Save anything.
[X] close audacity and it asks you: [X] Save Changes? Do you get that Save Changes dialog?

That’s exactly what happens. I export the file, hit ‘x’ and it asks if I want to save changes. I say no.
I don’t think this is the issue. Is there a way to turn ‘loop’ on and off. It’s like it’s looping on one ms, so it just flashes.
Just a guess.

It sounds like your sound card has gone off line. If the sound card goes off line even for a fraction of a second it is likely that Audacity will lose its connection to the device. If this happens again:
Stop Audacity.
Check that the sound card is working (play something with another application).
Shut down that “other” application.
In Audacity “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices” and wait a couple of moments.
Check that you still have the correct Input/Output option in the Device Toolbar.
Now try playback with Audacity again.

Well gentlemen, you are the best. I just got back to this project today and, as before, it stopped working after about ten tracks. Someone mentioned that it could be dropping the driver for the sound card (I use an RME Fireface 400) that I have on a separate switch. When Audacity failed, I opened up Wavelab 7 and it wouldn’t played either. Instead of rebooting, I just switched off and on the sound card (I have it on a dedicated power switch). It worked perfectly. Audacity (and my other audio programs) came back online.
Of course, this is something that should be brought to the attention of the designers of the program, since the problem is unique to Audacity.
Again, thank you very much for the help. I can now work with a very managable workaround.
Albert J
Toronto Canada