Program crashed with unsaved audio recording

Hi everyone!Wanted to see if anyone could help me try and find my lost audio recording.
I was recording a large file using the latest version of Audacity on my Macbook Pro iOS Mountain Lion when the program crashed after I stopped the recording. I did not have a chance to save the file before it crashed. Not sure if there is a way to retrieve the data somehow someway.
Hope someone can help! Thanks!!


Are you sure you are using the latest version 2.0.3 of Audacity from Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS? It is very unusual for that version to crash after you press Stop. What were you recording?

If you are using a recent version it should offer to recover the recording when you restart it. See Audacity Manual .

If you are using an old 1.2 version, then you need to tell Audacity not to delete temporary files when you restart it. You can recover the temporary files by locating the Audacity temporary directory and using the procedure at the top of this page Missing features - Audacity Support .

Please upgrade to 2.0.3 if you are not already using it. You can check your version at Audacity > About Audacity.


the version that I have is the latest version available. It is very weird that it did this! Lol. I did try to do the recovery method and it only was 3 seconds of nothing. I had been recording a meeting for 3 hours when it did this and even made sure that the computer was plugged in and the computer did not go to sleep. I’m kind of perplexed.

Just so that we are all absolutely sure that that is the case, please look in the Audacity “Help menu > About Audacity”. What version does it say?

Steve means the “Audacity” menu. “About Audacity” is in that menu on Mac.


Oops, yes, that’s what I meant (I keep forgetting that it’s in a different place on Mac OS X :blush: )

Please be specific exactly which recovery method you used. If you restarted Audacity and it showed you the Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue:

did it also show you error message boxes? If so, what did those errors say?

If you saw that Automatic Crash Recovery dialogue and the recovered audio was wrong, don’t save the project like that, and don’t close that project window using File > Close or Audacity > Quit Audacity. If you need to quit Audacity, open Activity Monitor then force quit Audacity. This will preserve the temporary “autosave” file Audacity is trying to recover from.


I have 2.0.3. I did get the recovery pop up however it was nothing but 3 seconds of silence.

If you still have that recovered project open or you force quit Audacity, please attach the autosave file. To do that, open Finder then use Go > Go to Folder and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/Autosave

Please see here for how to attach files: .

If you don’t have a usable autosave file, you could check to see if there any temporary “project” folders in the Audacity temporary folder. However there should not be any temporary project data unless you actually did leave the recovered project open or force quit.

To check, Audacity > Preferences. Look in the “Directories” section. Select the entire text in the “Location” box and use COMMAND - C to copy. Open Go > Go to Folder in Finder and paste in that copied path and open it.