Profire 610 compatibility with Audacity recording

I am trying to record vinyl LP transcriptions through an M-Audio Profire 610 interface using Audacity. The vinyl lps are transcribed using an M-audio delta sound card on a Mac G5. The output is transferred to an intel Mac Mini through either s/pdif or rca/trs cable. On my G5 or mac mini I can readily record internet music using Audacity. I can also use Audacity to open DVD-A files from a hard drive. However Audacity on the mac mini does not recognize any external input through the Profire 610 unit whether it’s s/pdif (with appropriate settings adjustments) or 1/4" TRS plugs (again with appropriate settings adjustments). The M-Audio Profire computer monitor on my mac mini shows the input level from either source. The Mac Mini sound preference monitor shows the associated input sound level. However Audacity does not recognize the real time sound signal. When I activate the start monitoring button on Audacity nothing happens. Similarly, activating the record button shows a flat line on the screen. My question if anyone knows is whether or not Audacity is compatible with firewire input devices?

It should.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input. Is the device listed there? Can you make the panel sound meter jump by creating sound?

Start Audacity after everything is plugged in – usually a good idea.

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Do you see the sound equipment in the list? Select it and set it for stereo.

Set the Quality tab to 14400 sample rate, 16-bit. Those are generic and common settings. The instructions say you can also use settings up to 24-bit, 192000 sample rate.

Apparently, the Profire is no longer being made.


Koz, Thanks so much for the reply. I have done all of the suggestions you have proposed and am still not able to record from an external source. Quality is set to 44100 though. The input level in the sound preferences window is active when sound signal is applied so I know the computer has received signal. I have even attached an older Audiophile USB system and plugged in. Audacity recognizes the system and the sound preferences meter is active when signal is applied. However Audacity is still not able to record with either usb or firewire external sound sources. I am beginning to wonder if Audacity is compatibility with MAC OS 10.8.4. The download window say is is compatible with 10.7 and later, but how much later may be the question. Have you had success recording with audacity from external sound sources?

Just a quick note that there is a difference between Audacity recognizing the equipment for the purpose of recording it and you hearing it. Those are two different things and they take two different settings.

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Software Playthrough (select).
Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [_] Overdubbing (deselect).

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Playback. Pick something you can hear. I can’t see your machine so you have to decide that.


Koz, One of the early settings I had was

Audacity > Preferences > Recording > [X] Software Playthrough (select), however there was no sound out when recording from the internet. I had to download and install an Audacity recommended program called Soundflower. Now I can hear the music I am recording from the internet. Up to now my process for internet recording has been to use the input microphone drop down menu and “start Monitoring” . Once I see the input levels on the horizontal scale I can then depress the record button and the waveform starts. When I input from another source the Start Monitoring process never starts when activated and pushing the record button yields nothing. I have determined that my Profire 610 firewire unit is current with MAC OS 10.8.4 drivers. Still a mystery, but thanks for your thoughts.

I input from another source

How? How are you switching to another source, remembering that I can’t see your machine?

Just to cover the bases, I would switch two locations.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input and select your FireWire device. Make sure the blue sound meter jumps when you produce sound.

Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Select the same FireWire device and Stereo. If it’s not there, post back.


Koz, I have traced the problem down to the M-audio Profire 610 system interface. I went on the M-audio forum site and have been trading reply’s with other users. It seems the drivers for the Profire 610 and Mac 10.8.4 combination are at fault. Profire export side works fine but the import side is useless. This gets challenging given that Mac is about to update to 10.9. I have an option or two I am considering, will let you know. Thanks again

Where is it written you have to upgrade? If you get your system to work properly at 10.8, why would you intentionally sabotage that with the OS upgrade?


Koz, I had a partial success which indicated that my Profire 610 module does work properly given a certain signal source. I took an Optical Digital output from another computer and input it into the Optical Digital plug on my mac mini. Audacity recognized the music signal source, monitored and recorded it properly. In summary: of the 5 possible music signal sources I have available to audacity i.e. Line level input, built-in audio, firewire (profire 610 with balanced rca and s/pdif capably), usb (audiophile usb with balanced rca and s/pdif capability) and Optical Digital-In, Audacity will record only Built-in and Optical Digital-In music signal sources. This capability meets my music needs. Built-in sound source provides CD quality reproduction (16/44100kHz) and the Optical Digital-in provides DVD-A quality reproduction (24/96 to 24/192). Can you share what your system is comprised of and how it functions with audacity for external sound reproduction?

All of my machines have both Headphone-Out and Stereo Line-In.

When I do a live capture, it’s pretty much an analog job at 48000/16-bit/Stereo given that I’m usually playing into a video edit suite.

I’ve used a USB headset that I somehow missed picturing as well as various USB microphones (also attached)

I use the FireWire connection for video interface. I’ve never used the S/PDIF connection for anything, although I got close several times. With appropriate adapters, that connection is compatible with the AES/EBU broadcast sound transmissions in the shop, one optical and one copper.


Koz, I’ve solved the problem of recording external audio to Audacity using Profire 610. Profire 610 has separate mic and instrument combined XLR/1/4" TRS plugs on the front of the unit. There are also 2x 1/4" TRS input plugs on the rear. I had been attempting to record from external sources using the rear input plugs. As a last resort I plugged the inputs into the front plugs and Audacity monitored and recorded the audio. What is particularly advantageous is that the front input plugs each have their own gain knob. With the demise of Toast Spin Doctor a working Audacity is a welcomed relief. Thanks Again for all of your support.