profile->export audio->external program

I don’t know if it could be done ,but could be an amazing feature

export audio → and use external program
i can use lame ,qaak or other encoders
well could be awesome have several external program profiles , we can edit them


Like this?

yes but how can i create 3 profiles for lame and 2 for qaak encoder?

Audacity remembers a list of recently used profiles. Click the down arrow on the right hand end of the “Command” input.

Although not an official feature, it is possible to manually edit Audacity’s configuration file “audacity.cfg”.
(If this makes no sense to you, just ignore it and just use the format options in the user interface.)

file01=ffmpeg -i - "%f"
file02=lame - "%f"
file03=lame - -b128 "%f"
file04=lame - -b64 -mm "%f"

amazing , rally amazing
i will edit with notepad++
just my last question ? are they avaible in chains ? just because i can’t find “export audio”

thank you so much

and at this point your luck runs out :wink: No, not available in Chains.
Probably the best available solution for this, is to export from Audacity as WAV, and then use one of the many standalone batch converters that are available (there are several good, free, batch converters).

yes under windows i know only foobar free and portable
others has not full controll over the econders