Processing Audio for Visualization

Should be fixed in this version:
AmplitudeTracker.ny (1.33 KB)


This is epic.
I’m so impressed.
Thanks so much man!

This behaves exactly as I described - it’s perfect.

Once I get this project out the way I’ll try and make a little YouTube Tutorial on optimizing Audio with Audacity for use in Blender.
I’ll share a link here when I get to it.

This is such a useful tool - can’t wait to share it with the community!

Have you a Patreon or PayPal or anything where I can buy you a cup of coffee?
Also, if I were to make a tutorial, it would cool to direct people to contribute to Audacity, is there a donation page set up anywhere?

Thank you so much for taking to time to help me with this.

Not yet :wink:, but if you’re interested in learning how to use Nyquist, I have a blog with some tutorials (and more plug-ins) that you could visit (see my signature below). The blog doesn’t get updated very often, though I’m hoping to post more there as and when time allows.