Problems with the Korg PX5D

I recently downloaded Audacity to record with my Korg Pandora PX5D multi-effects processor.
Thing is, Audacity doesn’t recognize the Pandora as an input device. It’ll recognize the headphones through it (output dropbox, "Headphones–PANDORA PX5D is an option), but I can’t record audio from the Pandora itself. I have all the proper drivers installed (to my knowledge). Am I missing something? I’m plugged in using the included USBc able (came with the Pandora) and the Pandora is on. My computer recognizes it as a device. I’ve tried it using the default Windows Sound Recorder, but it doesn’t seem to recognize the Pandora, either. I figured I’d come here first to see if anyone had any information.
Thanks and sorry if I seem like an idiot–I’m completely clueless with this stuff. I’m new to recording.

Have a look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and see if the Korg is listed as a recording input device. If it is, open Audacity (if Audacity was already open, close it and re-launch it), then look in the device toolbar and you should find an input device that corresponds with the Korg.

It isn’t listed. I have it connected with the USB cable; do I need anything else or should this be working? Thanks, I appreciate the help, I know some of this stuff seems obvious.

If it isn’t listed in the Sound Control Panel, then the computer has not recognised it as a recording device. If the operating system cannot see it, then Audacity will not be able to see it either.

Check in the Korg manual to see if you need to set anything on the Korg for it to work as a recording interface,