Problems with recording [SOLVED]

Hello, (windows 10, Audacity version 2.3.3)
I started having this problem when I try to record with any device. Whether I use the built in microphone, or my two usb microphones I get the same problem. I’ve tried going through the usual suspects like checking computer settings, deleting/reinstalling Audacity, verifying bit rate and such. I’ve combed through several pages of topics, and it didn’t see anything like it. When I record with the built in software for voice recorder on my computer I don’t have any problems with clicks, or other noises, nor when I use my computer for phone calls. I’ve listened to the microphone in setting, with no problems. We’ve updated drivers and even disables all the devices to see if the level still maxed out like you see in the photo, and it does. Please help I would really appreciate it.
Audacity Snip.PNG

In the “Transport menu > Transport options”, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).
Also ensure that you use headphones and not speakers while recording.

Thanks for replying Steve. I’ve tried using headphones, muting the sound from the computer, disabling the sound device. I did get it to work if I chose the WASAPI setting and Mono, but the MME and other option weather in stereo or mono still get the same results. It’s like Audacity is making the sound itself. I’ve muted the microphone and disabled the microphone and I still get the same result. It’s perplexing. Audacity has been great until the middle of December '19.

I thought maybe it was part of the older version and updated to the current version. Used the same parameters when updating, and started over with new parameters. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help!

In the “Transport menu > Transport options”, ensure that “Software Playthrough” is off (not selected).

I apologize for not mentioning it, but I had turned “software playthrough” off. There was another issue where I couldn’t turn software playthrough off because it would cause the program to not move the recording along, but that’s a separate issue that isn’t an issue at the moment.

Check in the Windows Sound settings that none of the recording devices have “listen to this device” enabled.

First let me say thanks for all the assistance that we given. Thanks!
Second, there was a “HP” update the fixed the issue. Apparently HP puts out separate updates than “windows” updates. This was located due to a WIFI problem I started having also, where I couldn’t connect to any WIFI points, but still could connect via LAN. Once we updated all the HP updates and ran a sfc /scannow and a restore health, the computer fixed the corrupt file. All together this took about 5 hours of troubleshooting, and 1 hour for the updates. After the fix for WIFI completed, I checked Audible out of curiosity, and that problem was fixed too.

Thanks for the update.
I’ll close this topic as “solved”.