Problems with ogg files

Hello, I’m having problems importing ogg files into Audacity. It just causes Audacity to crash. I re-installed audacity, got an error window (see attachment), although I’m not sure what it means, then tried to use Audacity for ogg files, but it just crashes. Please can someone give me some advice? Thank you.

I’m a Widows guy…

I don’t think these two problems are related.

Did you try disabling the plug-in. (It’s probably true that it’s simply not compatible with Audacity.)

Did you install FFmpeg (for OGG and many other formats)?

Or you can usually use a 3rd-party converter to convert to WAV. Audacity needs to decompress the OGG anyway so although it’s an extra step for you it’s essentially the same process.

Hi DVDdoug,

Thanks for your message. As far as I recall, previously I could import ogg files, but cannot since updating Audacity a few months ago, and re-installing again recently did not help. A friend of mine (also a Windows user) checked and he could import ogg files. I’m also having problems with m4a files. And the same problems with WaveLab Cast and Audacity.

I’m not getting the message to disable the plug-in now (the message came when I re-installed Audacity. I did not disable it at that time because I wasn’t 100% sure I should).

Anyway, Audacity just crashes.

I did not install FFmpeg so far. It’s hard to see what is authentic and what’s an ad (or simply dodgy) on that page. Presumably the part I need to click on is “Download for macOS: FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_macOS.pkg” ? Is that 100% trustworthy, I wonder…?

Any suggestions for 3rd party converters?

Thank you!

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