Problems with multitrack (overdub) [SOLVED]

Here is a current “Print Screen” image that I just did on my laptop. Since schools are closed, I have the day off and did some multi-track recording sessions with the brand new fresh installed version of Audacity 2.0.6 on my Win 7 Lenovo laptop…

Here, I am recording a version of the old standard fiddle tune, “St. Anne’s Reel”.

Track 1: Basic drum track, created by my Yamaha DGX-505 full size 88-key keyboard (i.e. using the built in percussion, in a sort of “two step” Irish Jig type of beat).
Track 2; Rhythm guitar (a very clean, Fender Stratocaster, with the amp mic’d)
Track 3: Bass guitar (my Samick 4 string bass, also with the amp mic’d)
Track 4: Mandolin rhythm track, played acoustically into a mic, while wearing headphones, while tracks 1,2,3 are all playing.

As you can see, all the tracks recorded perfectly fine, no volume loss, no cut in/cut out, no choppyness at all. Everything is in sync and perfectly fine. I guess all I had to do was update the audio drivers from Lenovo (who uses Conexant for the maker/audio company), and reinstall Audacity.

I too am curious as to the unchecking of the checkbox sections under the “advanced” properties for the recording/microphone section of the Conexant devices. What the heck, everything works… If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as the saying goes… :slight_smile:

Edit: This whole thing is a backing track for me… I will be singing the main lead vocals of the song, and play my violin/fiddle for the solo sections.

OK if you got the drivers from the Lenovo site and not from the Conexant site, then that should always be absolutely fine. I’m glad it’s working.

If you ever need to do that, don’t forget to you need to enable “Reset Preferences” in the installer, otherwise the reinstallation does not change Audacity settings at all

I’ll re-lock this topic now that it has a clean conclusion.