Problems with Audacity and interface


I have a Steinberg USB Audio Interface UR22mkII.
My MacBook with the Catalina version recognizes it and it is displayed as an input medium in the settings. However, when I open Audacity, the interface is separated from the MacBook and is no longer visible in the settings.
Can anyone help me further? I would be very thankful.

Best regards

Did you open up Audacity after you plugged in the Steinberg? Audacity searches for new devices when it opens. If the device isn’t already there and settled, Audacity won’t see it.

If you had Audacity open first, you can Transport > Rescan.

That help?

Thank you for your prompt reply!

First I connected the interface to the MacBook. That was settled and recognized. Then I started Audacity and Audacity also recognized the interface. But when I start Audacity, the MacBook no longer recognizes the interface. It can no longer be seen in the settings. So I can no longer record in Audacity because the error message -9997 is displayed.
Is that because of Catalina? Everything went smoothly with High Sierra. I also have the latest version of Audacity and the latest updates to the interface.