Problems with 2.3.1

Most of these issues are minor

When saving details of file name it doesn’t like it also a right click copy sometimes works other times it takes what’s in the main buffer

if you open more than one file it’s very difficult to switch between them selecting ‘Window’ does NOT display them

You have to right click on the icon in the toolbar in my case located at the bottom of my screen and select ‘Show All windows’

and for some reason even though I followed the instructions the ‘Hard Limiter effect’ does not work “Effect failed to initialize”

It’s also wiped out my previous version rather than asking me if I wanted to install new version somewhere else

Other than that at least it doesn’t have a memory leak like my previous version that crashed ever since I made the disastrous move to MOJAVE

Most of the points that you raise are known limitations for Audacity on macOS (and as you say, relatively minor issues).

The “Hard Limiter” effect is no longer included in Audacity - it has been replaced by the new “Limiter” effect (which performs a similar job with much less distortion noise). Limiter - Audacity Manual
If you open the plug-in manager (Plugin Manager - Add / Remove Effects, Generators and Analyzers - Audacity Manual) you can disable “Hard Limiter” from appearing in the Effect menu.

I’m not sure about this, but it could be due to Audacity 2.3.1 being a 64-bit application whereas previous versions were 32-bit. Given that Apple are discontinuing support for 32-bit applications, the update to 64-bit was an essential change.

Thanks for the reply I look forward to future updates that deal with these minor issues