Problems using Audacity with my new iMac

Greetings. I’m having problems connecting my turntable to my new 24-inch iMac which operates Mac OS Monterey version 12.2. The new Mac only accepts USB-c types of peripherals. So I bought an adaptor-hub and tried connecting my Behringer UFO202 USB Audio interface from my turntable and making it work with the Audacity included software (version 3.1.3) and I cannot get any audio signal appearing in my Audacity control panel. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi. I’m not a Mac guy, but I have two things to look at.

  1. Check that you have MacOS permissions to use the internal microphone. Usually that permission extends to other recording devices.

  2. In Audacity, try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices after plugging in the USB device.

Thank you so much, jademan! Thanks to your advice, the problem has been solved. Cheers!

Glad I could be of help! :smiley: