Problems silencing/trimming

Dear all,

when I select a region of audio and try to silence or trim it, the action is applied incorrectly. Say for instance that I select 1 sec of audio and try to silence it: 6 sec of audio are silenced, and not equidistant around the selection. If it select 1 sec of audio to trim, it trims to the correct region, but the first few seconds of the selected audio are silenced.

Even more bizarrely, this happened on two machines. Machine 1 I can’t remember but both run Slackware. This machine has Audacity 2.0.2 on Slackware 14, built from the script.

The projects and audio files came from an intern running OSX and an unknown version of Audacity. They load and play correctly.



The issue seems to be with any action performed—the resultant audio has the first X seconds silenced! For example copying and pasting a region gives a new clip with about 3.5 seconds silenced at the beginning.


Are you sure that the first few seconds play correctly?
Do you have read/write access to the project _data folder?