Problems recording internal audio with iShowU Audio Capture

Hi all,

Thanks for you help.

I’m attempting to capture audio files I play (but not download) in an app with Audacity and iShowU Audio Capture.

I created a Multi-Output device in the Audio Midi Setup app, checking both Built-in Audio Output & iShowU Audio Capture.

Audacity was set up as follows:

Audio Host: Core Audio
Recording Device: iShowU Audio Capture
Recording Channels: 1 Mono
Playback Device:I’ve tried both ’ iShowU Audio Capture’ & ‘Built-in Output’.

I don’t see any signal when play the desired track in the app and then hit record in Audacity. I assume I’m messing up the signal routing…???

Any help is a BIG HELP TO ME!!! :cry:

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5
Audacity 2.4.2

Have a look at the instructions on this wiki page. Does that help?

You probably want to have 2 (stereo) recording channels.

– Bill