Problems recording a mix with pioneer xdj-r1

I am new to using audacity for recording dj mixes.And am looking for much needed help with getting my controller set up with my Lenovo ideapad(windows 8) .

I initially hooked up my pioneer xdj-r1 to my laptop through USB connection, as the laptop has an built in microphone.But the sound from the recording I had done was of bad quality and was peaking and clipping a lot aswell.

But the sound from the recording I had done was of bad quality and was peaking and clipping a lot as well.

Is that with USB, or with the microphone? For USB, check your Windows audio control panel for “microphone boost” or any “enhancements”. All of these things should be “off” so that Audacity can “capture” the pure USB audio data out of the DJ controller.*

If you want to make an analog connection, you need something like the [u]Behringer UCA202[/u].

Most laptops don’t have line-level audio inputs. The mic input on a laptop or regular soundcard is worthless for quality recording,** and your laptop seems to have a combo mic-in and headphone out… The mic input is mono, it’s too sensitive for the line-level signal from the RCA (or XLR) outputs, and it takes a special TRRS connector to “reach” the mic contact. (A normal headphone works fine with the combo jack, but the mic takes a special plug or an adapter.)

And, should NOT be recording with a microphone… The microphone built into a laptop is also low-quality (and mono), and of course sound quality into any mic also depends on your speakers, acoustics, and room noise.


  • I am assuming you can record over the USB connection… I’m not sure if audio comes out of the USB port, or into the USB port, or if the USB port is for "DJ control, or if it’s for all three…

  • The line-level input on a regular soundcard in a desktop computer is often OK.

I had tried recording just with USB cable from xdj-r1 to laptop.But the recorded sound was terrible.
I will go through sound settings again on laptop/audacity,hopefully get it working.If not will purchase a cheap audio interface .