Problems in Recording Yamaha Keyboard

Hi to everyone! In short terms, although I followed the instructions explained in this audacity tutorial and using an easy audio cable like this

connecting it to the microphone/headphones jack of the laptop, I’m having troubles in recording a yamaha keyboard (PSR 253) with Audacity . I have the ASUS F556U Laptop and set the settings for recordings in this way: Audio System “MME”, Recording Devices “Microphone (Realtek)” and Recording Channels “2 (Stereo)”. Although I played the keyboard the recording function runs but no sound is recorded and played in spite of having turned the volume audio up. Why? What’s the problem? I have Windows 10.

I have a PSR-240 and a larger DGX-505. Neither one has a Stereo Line-Out so I record the headphone connection on both.

Is that what you’re doing? You didn’t say in the post.

Do actual headphones work in place of that cable?

The Windows sound control panels should have a little sound meter you can use for troubleshooting. Can you make that meter bounce by playing? Audacity can’t do anything until Windows is happy.


Yes. Actual headphones work where I connected the cable. I connect this cable from “phones/output” jack of the keyboard to asus laptop. I have also controlled the audio volume but nothing. The keyboard has another jack called AUX IN and Asus laptop an only microphone/headphones jack. How to solve this problem?

Many newer Windows laptops will not record music. I use a separate USB stereo adapter. That’s a Behringer UCA-202.

It also has a zero-latency headphone monitoring connection that works for overdubbing.


Therefore if it was impossibile to record without having an USB Adapter like this for laptops. I was connecting the audio cable from keyboard to microphone/headphones jack of the laptop because I thought that it was enough to connect the cable as a normal pc desktop whereas it’s necessary to use an USB Adapter.
Thank you for that answer but I would ask for a thing: is it better to buy an USB Adapter or to use the microphone jack of the computer towers?
I ask for you because as soon as I tried to record the keyboard with audacity from my computer tower (connecting the keyboard to the microphone jack) the recorded sound was distorted.

impossibile to record without having an USB Adapter like this for laptops.

Not impossible. Some laptops can change one connection to accept music. Most can’t.