Problems exporting to windows movie maker

I’ve recently been making quartets of myself playing on audacity and I’ve been trying to export them to windows movie maker. I have the latest audacity -2.0.3, Lame and FFmpeg that have all been configured, yet when trying to open my exports on movie maker doesn’t recognize the file type whether they are wav, mp3, wma, aac or anything.

Try exporting as a WAV (Microsoft 16 bit PCM) file using only alphanumeric characters in the file name.

Still didn’t work just says @movie maker doesn’t support the selected file’ :frowning:

Before you export, look at the “Project Rate” in the lower left corner of the main Audacity screen. What does that say? Try setting that to 44100.
What is the full and exact error message from Movie Maker?

The project rate was already at that the full message is- ‘Movie maker doesn’t support the selected file type’ even though they are supposedly supported files

I am not very familiar with movie maker but it seems to me that you’re trying to import the audio file as a video.
Can’t you simply drag and drop the file into an empty audio track?
Have you added such a track already?