problem with the subliminal plug in

I read this:

and I getting a problem. it wrote me in german.

what did I do wrong?

I download the plug in, put it in plug in section on the folder where I install the software, restart the software, add sound file, choose on effect “subliminal”
ang got the error
ללא שם.png

It says the sample rate of the track (above the Mute / Solo buttons) must be at least 44100 Hz. You could change the project rate bottom left of the Audacity window to 44100 Hz, then use Tracks > Mix and Render.


ok its working.
thanks a lot.

but theoretic question… can my speaker produce 44100 HZ?
I check a few speaker systems, and I think I should buy very expensive speaker to produce such sound.

Humans can’t (consciously) hear higher than about 20000 Hz.

Any given sample rate cannot carry a frequency higher than half that rate, so 44100 Hz cannot carry more than 22050 Hz.

You could generate tones in Audacity at higher than 44100 Hz to play around with.

If a loudspeaker claims a frequency range up to say 30000 Hz, that should be what it produces.


Assuming that we are referring to “hearing” in the medical sense (sound vibrations in the air entering the ear and being converted to electrical impulses in the auditory nerve) there are a series of limiting factors. There is the mechanical coupling between the ear drum and the inner ear which like all oscillating systems has increased resistance at very high frequencies, and then there is the frequency response of the hair cells that are the sensory receptors. The upper frequency limit for human hearing in children and adults under 18 years is generally quoted as being around 20 kHz. Due mostly to ageing and damage to the sensory receptors, the upper frequency response tends to decline with age (known as Presbycusis). As far as I’m aware there is no substantiated evidence to support the idea that any humans can hear frequencies much above 20 kHz, consciously or otherwise.

Though that requires that all components in audio system prior to the speaker have a bandwidth that extends to 30 kHz. High quality audio equipment generally aims to have substantially flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Beyond 20 kHz the response is likely to be very iffy.

I was thinking of pure placebo effect ( see halfway down ).


I think the same after I figure how its work.
if you want to make real subliminal messages, you need to learn this:

He’s just talking about “auditory masking”, which in short is: loud sounds mask quiet sounds that are in a similar frequency range, making the quiet sounds difficult to hear.
He’s not saying anything about subliminal messages.
Auditory masking is a well know acoustic effect

did you hear it all?

he talks about subliminal messages. Auditory_masking = subliminal messages.

and from him I learn that should be a different frequency range between the tracks.
the biggest the frequency is, less louder the mask sound should be.

correct me if I wrong