problem with recording playback is off

Ok guys this is my first post here, and I’ve always had this problem with audacity. Everytime I record audio, when I play it back it is always off a little bit. Like it doesn’t leave off where I recorded it so I have to delete a little of the space before it to get it to match with the beat. I hope I’m making sense here, thx for any feedback!

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but if you are recording one thing while listening to another, you have discovered latency.

– Bill

Ok so I have a mic hooked up to an interface to record. I have a beat. I record over the beatand the recording is fine. Every recording is late and off beat. Idk would that be because of latency?? How wuld I fix this problem??

The latency correction is in “Audacity preferences” (press Ctrl + “P”), then click on “recording” …
Audacity 1,3 preferences, recording, latency correction.png
You can get the whole story by clicking on the link in Billw58’s post above.