Problem with recording over backing track or metronome

I have a problem with recording. I want to record something on a backing track or with “rhythm track” in background when I hit record button audacity starts recording from the end of the track. It doesn’t work as shown in this video:
I can’t start recording from the beginning or a place where the marker is placed. The only solution I’ve found is to check “Record on a new track” in recording properties. The drawback is that every time i cklick record new track is added. IS there any other way to fix this?

The two choices are Record on the End of the Existing Track and Start a New Track.

One is the “R” key and the other is Shift+R. You can reverse the order in Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] record on a new track.

You have immediate access to both of them and one is slightly more convenient than the other depending on your job.


It doesn’t work as shown in this video:

Behold the reason we don’t very often recommend Youtube videos. He has an older version of Audacity. The newer ones have more tools available.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.17.36 PM.png

or a place where the marker is placed.

Audacity doesn’t have “Markers” like a video editor. In this video he is playing straight from time zero and adjusting the timing of either the backing track or the performance sooner or later in post production editing to make everything come out right. He’s doing it by adding little chunks of silence here and there as needed. The latest versions of Audacity have a Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) that can push a track sooner or later in one swoop.

You should always be on separate tracks for everything. Audacity will play everything at once unless you tell it not to (MUTE and SOLO on the left), and it will smash all the tracks into one single show when you export.

You shouldn’t need to do any of these time shifting tricks if you set up Overdubbing Latency at the beginning.

In general, you play the backing track directly into the new performance, play back the result and see how far off they are from each other. This is most handy with a click track. Apply the correction to Edit > Preferences > Devices > Latency > Latency.

This is a snap if you’re singing because you can jam the microphone and the headphones into each other to get the test.

Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.11.37 PM.png
It’s trickier with a guitar. You have to use jumper cables, or just depend on your own good sense of timing.

He did make one production mistake. Always include a count-in so you all hit the first note at the exact right time.


Let us know where you get stuck.


There are new tools I don’t know much about like the Punch series.

I also don’t know about the interaction between Ovedubbing and Punching.


There are tutorials about all this.

First, make a simple recording with no overdubbing or other fancy tricks; your system must work correctly for simple recording and playback before we go further.


I also have this kind of problem on my device

What problem?
What “device”?