Problem with recording 24/96

Hi there,

My problem is the following: I can record perfectly with my settings put on 16/44 but when I switch to 24/96 settings the recording cursor will not move. I have put through windows sound on 24 bit 96 khz and also in Audacity I have the following settings.

I use an external sound card because my laptop doesn’t have a line in jack. I’m trying to record vinyl for which I use a Technics Sl-1210 MK2 and a Audiophile TC-750LC phono pre-amp.
The version of Audacity I use is 2.0.6 and I use a windows 7 64 bit OS. The external sound card has ASIO support, I checked, so does my Audacity version.

Eagerly awaiting your response/comments!

If that is so, then your version of Audacity does not come from us because we do not ship with ASIO support. If it was given to you by someone else, they are in breach of Steinberg’s licensing terms and possibly also in breach of Audacity’s GPL license.

When using ASIO, the sample rate in Audacity must match the sample rate everywhere else.

You also need to make sure your soundcard hardware also supports 24/96. A windows driver can re-sample, but ASIO doesn’t… So a soundcard that works at 24/96 with Windows may not work at 24/96 with ASIO.

You shouldn’t need ASIO. The main advantage of ASIO is low-latency. If you are recording yourself singing and monitoring through headphones a delay can be a problem. When you are digitizing vinyl, a few extra milliseconds of latency are not an issue and you probably won’t benefit from ASIO.

If you can record at 24/96 there’s nothing wrong with it, but for “noisy/scratchy” analog vinyl :wink: it’s way overkill. So, don’t worry if you are stuck with 16/44. The consensus seems to be that the surface noise on a good record limits you to about 12 bits of usable resolution. (It’s never “equal” to some bit depth because digital quantization noise sounds different from analog noise.)

Some people will claim that analog has “infinite resolution”, but that’s sort-of like me saying my analog tape measure has more resolution than my digital caliper that can measure down to 1/1000th of an inch. Or it’s like saying analog VHS tape has infinite resolution.

And, a sample rate of 11.4kHz gets you beyond the frequency limits of human hearing.

a sample rate of 11.4kHz gets you beyond the frequency limits of human hearing.

A sample rate of 11KHz is good for sound at 5KHz.