problem with noise removal after effect

Hey, new to Audacity, just started using it today actually, to record over some instrumentals and mash them with lyrics, and everything was going well, except for when I went to remove the static of the mic with noise removal, it removed the static, but added sorta like a mechanical robot effect to it. Still trying myself to see if I can figure it out, but what exactly did I do wrong? Is there a different method I should use to record the voice? or what can I do to make the voice sound normal again, just without static?

You should not be using Audacity 1.2 noise removal. The tool in Audacity 1.3.12 is much improved.

Sound damage after noise removal is the result of removing “too much” noise. You cut into the show by accident. It’s a violin. You need to tune it carefully for best result and lease damage. It’s not a push button, Take Out Noise [Y/N]. It’s a slider.

Capturing the noise sample or Profile is critical. Some elves have said that increasing the volume of the show before taking the profile helps a great deal. Then put the show volume back to normal and apply the filter. The noise sample needs to be just noise and nothing else.

There’s a long list of noises that aren’t noise. Just because you don’t want it there doesn’t mean it’s noise. Noise does not change at all over the course of the show. Hum or buzz or fan noises. The metrobus starting up outside your window or other people’s conversations aren’t noise. They’re now permanent performers in your show.