Problem With Keeping Microphone(6-USB CODEC)


I am going through a terrible time when trying to reach “Microphone(6-USB CODEC)” so that I can record from an interface.
Microphone(6-USB CODEC) is the only only one out of Microphone(4-USB CODEC) ,Microphone(5-USB CODEC) and Microphone(7-USB CODEC) that will allow me to record using the Interface, which is running from a 16 channel mixer through the Interface to the computer USB plug.

Whenever I open Audacity and open the Audio Host, type in “Windows Direct”, and then go to the “Recording Device” window to set it to “Microphone(6-USB CODEC)”, every one of the others, 4,5, and 7 come up, but go to either "Microphone(4-USB CODEC), “Microphone(5-USB CODEC)”, or “Microphone(7-USB CODEC)”. It takes me forever to get “Microphone(4-USB CODEC)” (with the number 6) to open up for me to begin to record.

Can anyone help me with this problem? Why won’t it connect to “Microphone(6-USB CODEC)” for me and stay put, rather than have to spend 5 or more minutes unplugging and then plugging back in the USB plug to the (Desktop)computer? everything but the one I need repeatedly comes up.

Please help?

Thanks so much.


Try going into device manager and disable all of those you’re not using. I assume you only have one USB audio device actually connected?

Hi Doug,

Thanks ever so much for your answer.

The only audio device I have plugged in is the Interface, and everything I’m not using have been disabled under “Sound”. The only other thing connected to USB is the keyboard.

I sit here and do this or sometimes 5-8 minutes until I finally get “Microphone (6-USB)” Codec to come up:

1.Plug Interface into USB jack with Mixer in “On” position.
2. Sign into Audacity.
3. Go to Recording Device, click arrow next to Recording device window bring up the drop-down menu,
“Microphone (4-USB) Codec” is there.
4. Close Audacity. Unplug USB . Plug USB back into PC, open Audacity, Microphone (7-USB) Codec is there.
5. Repeat close Audacity. Repeat Unplug USB from PC. Plug USB back into PC, open Audacity, "Microphone (7-USB) still

I repeat this countless times until I finally get Microphone (6-USB) Codec. It will go from Microphone (7-USB) back to
Microphone (4-USB), then after repeating step 3-5 with the same results over and over and over, if I am lucky, 6-USB
will finally appear and I can begin recording. Once I unplug the Interface and close Audacity, I have to go through this all over again.

You can tell by the blank looks and the delayed response we have no idea what’s wrong, and further, no good idea how to proceed on diagnostics. I would start haunting Google and support for the mixer and interface.

Not every sound system succeeds.

Post back if you resolve it.


I Googled “Microphone (6-USB) Codec.” and got pages and pages of detailed information.


Please be more specific. What is the make / model of the interface?

Thanks, Steve. Sorry I took so long to reply.

The Interface is a Behringer-UControl UCA202

I don’t understand why you have all of those “Microphone(?-USB CODEC)” devices.
When I connect a UCA202 to my Windows 10 laptop, it shows up as exactly one device, and is called “Microphone (USB Audio CODEC )”.

Do you have other USB devices connected to your computer?
Is the UCA202 connected directly to the computer, or via a hub / USB switch?

Thanks, Steve.

Neither do I… I’m using Windows 7.

The only other USB plug being used is by the keyboard, nothing more. The Interface is connected directly into the computer USB plug. I’m using the latest version of Audacity, which is 2.3.2.

The only thing that comes to mind at the moment, is that perhaps there is a poor connection between the UCA202 and the computer (such as a bad lead, wobbly socket, or similar), causing the connection to be intermittent, and so creating new instances of the drivers each time it reconnects.

Are you able to try rebooting the computer, with the UCA 202 plugged into a different USB socket?
Are you able to try the UCA202 on a different computer?

Something is broken. These things are plug and go.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 15.37.45.png
Could this be one of those Win10 security things? You have to give it permission to connect to the UCA202?


Hi Koz,

Thanks for your post.

I’m using Windows 7, not Windows 10. I am going to take steve’s suggestion and try this on another computer to see what happens. I’ll post the results as soon as I do, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Thank you, Steve. I am going to take your advice and try the Interface on another computer and see what happens. I’ll let you know what I find out.