problem with headphone volume whilst recording?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem i seem to have come across, when recording a mix i have notcied that audacity seems to be recording what is playing through my headphones eg. the next track i am cueing up, the sound of the track/s im cueing up dont appear to play through the monitors at the time of mixing but appear to be present on the mix after the recording if this makes sence. I tried turning all the faders down and recording with just the headphone volume on and even though the sound appears to be quite low you can hear that it as recorded what is playing through the headphones is there anyway to eliminate this maybe? something im doing wrong like the settings? or something likely to be wrong with my mixer or soundcard? i only want to record what is playing through the channels

my set up is
gemini cds decks connected to behringer ddm 4000 mixer plugged into behhringer uca 222 interface via the tape output and usb into my laptop

the headphones im using are sony mdr v150 , i have tried sony mrd v 700s too

i have also tried a behringer djx700 mixer which still seems the same

It seems that what you are cueing up is being routed through to the tape out.
You will either need to switch it so that it does not do that, or connect a different output from the mixer to the UCA 222.
The Behringer ddm 4000 manual is your bible to get this to work correctly.

thanks for the reply but i dont quite understand both cd decks are plugged in the line inputs 1 and 2 on the ddm 4000 the uca 222 is connected to the mixer through the main tape output which on the other end is connected to the laptop through usb, i simply have a track playin through deck 1 then when cueing up a track on deck 2 (line input 2) in my heaphones you can hear the track on deck 2 which im cueing (even though the fader for deck 2 is down) on the recorded mix although i cant hear it through the monitors whilst recording only on the finished recording when i playback

What monitors? Where are they connected?
Do you have a microphone plugged in anywhere?

sorry for the late reply ive been busy over the past month and have still been trying to find an answer to this however have still yet to find it

the current monitors i am using are some cheap homemix sp2 monitors which are connected to a technics hi fi amp

No i have no microphone connected anywhere, the microphone on the laptop is also disabled

i have recently tried connecting the mixer from the ‘tape’ output directly into the laptops line in but still notice the same problem , this makes me think there is a problem with the ddm4000 but the problem is also there when tested with a behringer djx700, could it be a problem with behringer mixers? i have no other mixers too test

i have though found a some what temp fix … because i am using a hi fi amp the amp as a ‘rec out’ on the back, if i plug the behringer uca 222 soundcard into here then to the laptop this solves the problem… i call this a temp fix though because i am planning on upgrading my speakers for some powered speakers which means i will be getting rid of my amp thererfore would have to use the tape or output B on the mixer again also using the amp ‘rec out’ means i have to turn the record volume in audacity all the way down to 0.1 and this setting still records at nearly -6db when i have my mixers volume at mid range

The problem that I’m having is that I can imagine you pointing:
“the amp is connected to the Behhringer like so, and the Behringer is connected to …”
but I can’t see what you are pointing at.

Most laptop PCs do not have a “line in”. They often have only a “Mic in” for connecting a low level, mono microphone. A “Mic In” is far too sensitive for connecting a line level signal.

:confused: So the turntables are connected in some way to your hi-fi amp and some output on the hi-fi amp is connected to the UCA-222? Can you fill in the details to complete this picture?

I couldn’t quite follow it, either. It’s close…

Are you listening to the computer, to the UCA222, or to the mixer? Where are the speakers connected?

Try turning off Ovedubbing in Audacity Preferences. Is the effect still there?


overdubbing is off

i understand im confusing you guys so heres a video of what is happening and what is connected to what hope you can get some sort of idea from this

I can’t quite make out the icons on the computer task-bar - I can see Audacity and two other icons - what are the other two programs running?
Is that video taken with a camcorder or a webcam connected to your computer?

Do you have a second pair of headphones?

The other icons are windows live messenger and google chrome, i had nothing running in these programs they are just pinned to the taskbar , the video was taken with a samsung galaxy s3 phone

yes i have also tried a pair of sony mdr v700 headphones but it makes no difference

That’s not what I was going to suggest,
What I was going to suggest is that you plug a pair of headphones into the UCA-222 so that you can monitor the signal that is going into the UCA-222. Try it and let me know what you can hear.

ok i have just tried this and i can just barely hear ( in my headphones ) what is playing but only when the faders of the mixer are up, when they are down i hear nothing

  • the monitor button was switched on on the uca & volume turned up

Why only “barely hear”?
Do you have the “tape out” from the mixer plugged into the “Input” of the UCA-222, and do you have the headphone volume turned up on the UCA-222?

i have no idea , i just no i could barely hear anything through the headphones when i plugged them into the uca 222 unless i turn the master volume or gains on the mixer up fairly high which obviously increases the volume of my speakers too to higher than i would like ( with the headphones connected to the uca i can only hear what is playing if the faders on the mixer are up)

Yes the uca 222 is plugged into the ‘tape out’ of the mixer and to the input of the uca 222 , yes i had the volume turned upto maximum on the uca 222

What is plugged into your computer and where is it plugged in? Please include everything in the list.
Is it a laptop computer or what?

it is a laptop , the only thing plugged in to the laptop is the uca 222 and it is plugged into the usb port

Mouse? Keyboard? Monitor? Power cable?

Set Audacity recording as normal but without playing any music, then tap the laptop around where the built in microphone is. Does Audacity record the tapping?

Nope there is nothing connected to the laptop apart from the uca 222

I tried recording with out any music playing and tapping around the laptop and the recording line stays flat - like i said the internal microphone of the laptop is disabled

Then the only possible way that audio can be getting into the laptop is from the mixer tape outputs that are connected to the Behringer UCA-222.
I don’t know why the mixer should send output to the tape outs when the headphones are connected and the main output turned down, but it obviously does (and seems quite peculiar to me that it does). Perhaps it says something in the mixer manual about this behaviour, or you could try contacting “support” for the mixer and ask why it does it (and if it can be turned off). There appears to be nothing that you can do about it in Audacity because Audacity is just recording the audio that is being sent to it.