Problem with error 99999

Hi I am new to Audacity

I have synced the interface and mic.

I can record 1 track fine guitar or vocals. As soon as I add a track and hit record this error code 99999 comes up.

I have googled this problem and looked at previous solutions from this forum also watched 2 videos on you tube on how to solve the problem. But nothing seems to work. Any Ideas. I am itching to record

Ok So I can record 1 track fine. If I make a 2rd track I get playback error 9999
After read on this forum. If I change the playback to a different playback device IE, Laptop speakers I can make a new track and record.
If I keep it at Behringer usb WDM there is a playback error 99999. My interface is a U-phoria

Any suggestions I am lost. I know I can record 2rd tracks but without use of headphones it is a bit hard and un predictable

  1. So the easiest thing to try is to change MME to Windows WASAPI or vice versa.

  2. If that doesn’t work, let’s check that everything is running at the same speed. The documentation suggests that the Behringer prefers to run at 48kHz or 48000Hz, so let’s try that. Start with a new session of Audacity. Set the Audacity Project rate in the lower left-hand corner to 48000Hz. If you import any tracks, change their sample rate to 48000Hz.

  3. So now, let’s verify that your Behringer is running at 48kHz. Near the lower left-hand corner of the Windows screen, on the Windows Task Bar, you’ll find your Windows START button. Right next to that you’ll see a magnifying glass and a box. Inside that box, type “mmsys.cpl”. On the Window that appears, select your “Playback” tab, then your Behringer device. Then select Properties > Advanced > Default Format. Select something with 48kHz or 48000 Hz.

  4. Repeat step 3, but this time select the “Recording” tab, instead of the Playback tab.

  5. In Audacity, do Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

I have the exact same problem. What’s odd is that I actually recorded successfully with this set-up just a week ago. However, tonight, I plugged everything in like last time and am getting that 99999 error. I have literally tried everything that has been suggested in these forums. Nothing works. A week ago I could start a new track that our guitar player sent and record a bass or mandolin track to it while hearing both the track and what I was recording in real time. Now, I can record through the Behringer UM-2, but if I try to do direct playback I get the error message. I am equal parts puzzled and supremely pissed about this develoment :frowning:

Try doing “Transport menu > Rescan Audio Devices”, then check your settings in the Device Toolbar.

Also, ensure that you are not running any ASIO apps (such as “DAW” apps) - By default, ASIO will grab exclusive access to the audio device, leading to Audacity being denied access (Error -9999).

Thanks for the Replies but unfortunately nothing works.

It is very weird. Also doesn’t save effect after you extract the track. I will look for another Recording software. As I have had problems like these in the past and it takes forever and a day to solve. Thanks all best of luck


If you download Asio4all it cures the problem. I did snyc the Behringer with Asio4 all on the ableton software but the free trial has no export. So I wanted to see if it would now work with Audacity and it does :slight_smile:

Glad that you found a solution to your problem. :smiley: