Problem with encoding ("Høyttaler" should be "Højttaler")

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

When “Windows WASAPI” is selected it says “Høyttaler” for microphone and speaker device in my language rather then “Højttaler” so there is a problem with string encoding.

“ø” should be “ø”.

I’m guessing the string comes from Windows.
When “MME” and “Windows DirectSound” is selected the text is correctly showed as “Højttaler”.

Thanks. This issue was also reported with Russian locale (
I’ve logged the issue on the Audacity bug tracker.

I noticed in the audacity.cfg file when i change the device the file is updated:

If i select MME and the microphone is disabled in Windows i get:

RecordingDevice=Højttalere (Enheden High Definition Audio) (loopback)
PlaybackDevice=Højttalere (Enheden High Defini

Notice how “RecordingDevice=Højttalere” is using wrong encoding but “PlaybackDevice=Højttalere” is using correct encoding.
I cant see “Højttalere” for the microphone in Audacity because the microphone is disabled.
If i enable the microphone in Windows it does not say “Højttalere”, but instead:
RecordingDevice=Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input"
RecordingDevice=Mikrofon (Enheden High Definiti

Also notice that sometimes the string i cut short. 31 characters for some reason.