Problem with effects

OS Ubuntu Studio 16.04.6 LTS.
After upgrading to version 2.4.1, many effects do not work. For example Limiter. Crossfader and some more. In the menu I choose - enable. But they do not work. How to solve the problem or roll back to the old version of the program?

Did you install Audacity 2.4.1 from a PPA? If so, which PPA?

Through updates.

  1. Uninstall “audacity” and “audacity-data”.
  2. Remove the PPA from your sources
  3. Update available packages
  4. Install “audacity” (and “audacity-data”, which should be pulled in automatically).

I had the same problem (nyquist plugins didn’t show in the menu) and then did this:

$ sudo apt remove audacity
$ sudo apt remove audacity-data
$ sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/audacity
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install audacity

Now I have Audacity 2.2.1…

I removed Audacity again, then did add the repository and I’m back at 2.4.1 but the nyquist plugins do not show up in the menu.

So the suggested workaround does not work.


There is no workaround for the PPA. I have sent an email to the PPA maintainer regarding the breakage but have received no response yet. @steve’s recommendation is to use the version provided by your distribution which, for Ubuntu, will be 2.2.1.

For Linux Mint users, or Ubuntu users with Flatpak enabled, there is a working Flatpak for Audacity-2.4.1 which provides all effects correctly. If you already have the non-functional 2.4.1 Flatpak installed you will need to Remove then Install again to get the fixed version.


The workaround explained here did it for me:

Last time I looked the Flatpak builds had problems with external libraries and plug-ins, such as LAME, FFmpeg, and third party plug-ins.
Have you checked that these are working?

What I can tell you is that LAME and FFMPEG are detected. From the library preferences pane:

MP3 Library Version: LAME 3.100
FFmpeg Library Version: F(58.29.100),C(58.54.100),U(56.31.100)

These are bundled in the Flatpak (there is an .org.audacityteam.Audacity-Codecs runtime).

I can detect plugins from the “Linux Studio Plugins Project” in ladspa and lxvst formats. Graphical interfaces don’t appear to work for either. They can be enabled and settings made in their text-mode interfaces. I’m no expert on them so perhaps someone else can comment on how complete that functionality is.

I’ve tweaked my “Audiobook Mastering” macro to use the Loudness Normalization plugin in RMS mode and it works. As does ACX Check within known limitations.

Exporting to MP3 works as expected.

Looking into Flatpak technicalities, it is built with --filesystem=host and recording and playback work. The temporary data directory, if configured for /var/tmp/audacity-username, will be in ~/.var/app/org.audacityteam.Audacity/cache/tmp/audacity-username. This is normal Flatpak behaviour but users need to be aware that temporary data goes into their $HOME storage.

I don’t have an alternate Audacity-2.4.1 packaging to compare with. From what I can tell it works as well as 2.3.3 did.


I have seen that this question resembles mine, I am a new user I have been searching the forum but nothing is the same, I installed audacity, in the latest version 2.4.1. in a macbook (catalina MACOS 10.15.5)

and I am trying to enable leveler, but it is impossible for me, it cannot be enabled, if I disable everything, they will be deactivated and then I will try to enable only leveler but it will not let me after enabling and accepting it is still without the
What I can do ?

I have looked in the manual, I have looked for videos on youtube that may have the same problem but nothing similar appears could help me, apart I could not find publish a new question
thank you guys ,

Thanks for the feedback about Flatpak Neil. Good to hear that it is at least mostly working.

The Leveler effect has been retired (it is no longer included with Audacity).

For evening out levels (the purported purpose of the Leveler effect), use the “Limiter” effect:
The Limiter effect can provide at least as much “levelling”, but with much less distortion.

If you want the distortion effect that the old Leveler effect produced, this is available as a preset in the “Distortion” effect: