Problem with Closing Audacity ( Checking control points)


Very often when I want to close the program I see the message “Checking checkpoints. It may take a few seconds”.
But unfortunately, it even takes not few seconds but a few minutes.
Is it possible to completely disable this checkpoint checking when closing the program?

No it’s not.
If you are saving the project, this step is essential.
If you are quitting Audacity without saving, then imo this step should not happen, but the devs apparently don’t agree.

I usualy open mp3 file that I want to listen in my Car, then I change the tempo of the file ( speach) and I save it as another mp3 (with diferent filename).
Then I want to close the program, turn off my computer and go home, and I have to senselessly wait a few minutes for some checkpoints.

Yes, I’m well aware of this issue and have raised it with the developers, but sadly no response.

The problem gets worse when there is a lot of “Undo” data. If you launch Audacity, make a few changes to one small file and then quit Audacity, then Audacity should close without a noticeable delay. If you make changes to several very long files, then “compacting” can waste several minutes, but in this case it can be quicker to quit Audacity between each file.

This feature should be disabled when exiting the program without saving changes.
Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this unnecessary waiting is to close the program with CTRL + ALT + DEL

It’s not quite as simple as that.

When working on a project that has previously been saved, the project changes as you work. So when Audacity is closed without saving, Audacity has to clean up the changes so as to restore the project back to its original state.

As far as I’m aware, the issue is as simple as “this feature should be disabled when exiting” in the case where the project has never been saved, and Audacity is closed without saving.

So yes, I agree, but only in the case of projects that have never been saved. In this case, the project files should just be deleted.