Problem with Blue Snowball Mic

I found a Blue Snowball at a thrift store (Not sure what kind, but I’m pretty sure it’s the regular Snowball); I took it home and plugged it into my Windows 10 PC to see if it worked since I figured the previous owner just gave it up after upgrading to a Blue Yeti or something. I opened up Audacity and selected the mic and recorded a small test to see if the microphone actually worked and it all worked fine. When I tried to play the recording back, I got this error:
“Error while opening sound device. Please check the playback device settings and the project sample rate.”

Also, there’s no stereo option for the mic; not sure if there’s supposed to be, but yeah.

So, check the playback device in Device Toolbar. Have you tried choosing your computer speakers or headphones as playback device? You can’t play to the Snowball.

If you don’t have the Snowball manual, get it from


Thanks for your help! I appreciate the link to the manual, it’s definitely something useful to have.
The mic actually didn’t show up as a speaker on Audacity, so that wasn’t a possible fix, however changing from Windows WASAPI to Windows DirectSound fixed the issue.