Problem with Audacity and Bluetooth headphones

Hello, i have bluetooth JBL headphones, when i use it and launch audacity, i get problem with sounds - wheezing and slowing down, and only reconnect to headphones fix it, but only before next Audacity launch.

Also i have JBL bluetooth Loudspeaker and it don’t have any problems with audacity.

How i can normal fix my headphones, so that it could work fine with audacity with out restarts?

The problem with a lot of bluetooth headphones is that they go to sleep to conserve battery power. That is a big problem for Audacity because Audacity connects to the device “on demand” (on playback) and then disconnects on stop. If the headphones go to sleep, then Audacity may not be able to find them even if they wake up.
The solution is to use wired headphones.

The JBL bluetooth speakers don’t tend to have this problem because they have big batteries and stay awake for ages without sleeping (I was lucky enough to receive one last Christmas, and although it is far from “studio quality”, or even “hi-fi quality”, I love it :slight_smile:)

It’s strange, I don’t have any information about automatical sleeping mode in my JBL tune750 tbnc. This Headphones work over 10-12 hours if it have full charge. If i understand correcly, Audacity on start recreat list of devices and send new request to audio device, right?

Yes, Audacity looks for available devices on restart, and again if you run “Transport menu > Rescan Devices”.