Problem when saving a project

I have Audacity 3.5.1 on my Windows 11 computer. Whenever I am working on a project and try to save the changes I have made while editing, I get an error message, “PROJECT VERSION CONFLICT.” It says, “There is a newer version…” It gives me 2 options “SAVE THIS PROJECT (which will overwrite the previously saved project)” and “DISCARD AND OPEN THE SAVED PROJECT.” When I click SAVE THIS PROJECT because I want to overwrite the previous save due to changes I made, it just pops the error message back up again. The only way around this is to discard and reopen and now all the edits I made are gone and I have to redo them again. I have went through this at least 10 times. I AM EXTREMELY AGGRAVATE AND FRUSTRATED BY THIS TO THE POINT WHERE I WANT TO SCRAP THE WHOLE THING AND DELETE AUDACITY FROM MY COMPUTER AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN!!!

How do I overcome this problem?!

Ensure that your Audacity is up-to-date. Sometimes, bugs are fixed in newer versions. Audacity stores temporary files that might cause conflicts. Clearing these can sometimes resolve the issue. Uninstall Audacity completely, making sure to delete any leftover files and folders related to it, then reinstall the latest version. If you’re comfortable with using the command line, you can use a tool called audacity-project-tools to recover corrupted projects.

I can’t say I have ever seen this message. Have you tried copying the entire project to the clipboard and creating a brand new project to save ?


I had the exact problem, It happened multiple times since Yesterday and it kept saying to update the Audacity, yet it’s already up-to-date. I checked for the updates and it says no update available. I used your method by copy pasting and moving to new project but when i saved it to OneDrive, the problem still appears. I uninstalled everything except for the OneDrive and re-installed Audacity but the problem still appeared after I saved it. Good thing I could save minimal changes like moving and sizing tracks except for changing pitch and speed or changing pitch. An error occurs only when I save it, and it reappears when I close the error tab or click Save this project, but it doesn’t save it. I hope it gets fix soon, on later updates.

What / who said this? I think it was not Audacity, if it says you’re already up-to-date…

…And when you saved it directly to a non-networked drive ?