Problem when recording from LP record

Hello All, I am a new user of Audacity version on Windows 10.

I am using it with a USB turntable plugged into my laptop and so far have recorded 6 LP records (remember them?) without any issues. When I put on number 7 however I am having a problem. The software is not recording them music playing on the turntable but just a load of noise.

The turntable is playing the music okay. Out of curiosity I hit record with nothing playing and got the same sort of noise. Can’t understand why it should stop working when it had been fine immediately before.

Any help would be much appreciated.



If you had to shut down the computer, it’s possible it may wake up without the turntable. Audacity checks for new USB devises when it starts. So if you wake up in the wrong order, the turntable may vanish, You can restart in the right order, or Transport > Rescan.


If “Transport menu > Rescan audio devices” does not fix the problem, try disconnecting the USB device, then reconnect it, wait a few moments for Windows to “re-install” it, and then either; Restart Audacity, or, “Transport menu > Rescan audio devices”.

Sometimes USB audio devices just become scrambled and require “resetting”. If you try leaving the computer on with the USB audio device attached for several days then this problem is very likely to occur. It can happen if the CPU becomes temporarily unavailable due to some other program thrashing it (difficult to avoid completely because of “background” processes in Windows), or as koz suggested, due to the computer “sleeping” or “hibernating”, or the USB device “sleeping” and not waking up correctly.

If this problem occurs frequently and you are not leaving the computer on for a long time, try using a better quality USB cable and check that the USB connectors fit snugly and securely.

Thanks for the prompt responses, I will have another go tonight :slight_smile: