Problem using Zoom H4n as Audio interface


I’m trying to use a Zoom H4n to record some voice into an Audacity project. But in my Zoom menu the option USB connection is missing.
Can anybody help please?


Does it work as a Zoom? Record onto the chip and then transfer it USB to the computer? How old is the Zoom and has it ever worked?


Hello Koz. Brand new Zoom. It works ok in other modes. I can record on SD and thne transfer but not necessary when you can do it direct using USB. Manual shows USB connection on the list. But in my zoom this option is missing…

With the Zoom off, connect a working, live USB cable. Turn the Zoom on and it will ask you “Audio I/O” and “Connect to PC” (which will connect to a Mac). At least that’s now a Zoom H4 works.