Problem Recording Multiple Tracks

Okay so I’m able to record only one track at a time. If I want to record another one I can’t do it unless I turn overdubbing off the problem is I want to hear what I’m recording over since I have direct monitoring headphones. Is there a fix for this issue because each time I try to record my 2nd track I get the “error opening sound device” message but as soon as I turn overdubbing off I can record with no issue. I’m beyond frustrated since I paid a lot for this equipment if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated uggh. Also Happy Holidays everyone!

“error opening sound device”

In the case of Overdubbing, Audacity has to play the backing track to your headphones perfectly and it has to record your voice absolutely correctly at the exact same time. If either of those actions has problems, Audacity will throw that error.

I have direct monitoring headphones.

What does that mean?

Do you have wireless headphones? Do you have wireless headphones with a microphone in them?

Describe your system. Which microphone and how is it connected? Part numbers are good.

Which three-number Audacity?

What’s the goal? Are you a musical performer? Remember we can’t see you and you just complained about a highly technical problem.