Problem loading elektron overbridge in audacity

Hi! Just on here searching for a little help.

I recently downloaded elektron overbridge and found out I need a DAW to run it with my analog four.

Just having a bit of trouble loading the vst…

In the plugin manager i can see the analog four overbridge dll and under “state” it says new. I select enable and it the state changes accordingly. Nothing loads though and then when I close the window and reopen it it has reverted back to new.

Any ideas where I might be going wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I assume if “Analog Four” is a hardware synthesizer and the plugins are supposed to stream audio to Audacity for recording, it’s not going to work. With the exception of WASAPI loopback recording, any device Audacity records from must be visible as a device in Windows Sound.

And Audacity does not support VST instrument plugins that describe themselves as generating audio.