Problem Installing Audacity 3 on Chromebook

I have a Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook with aarch Linux activated. The chip is a Snapdragon ARM.

I was able to install Audacity from the repo, but it is version 2.4.2. I am trying to install one of the variants of version 3. The appimage does not work. It throws an error and doesn’t load. So I tried the flatpak. It opens, but when I try to open a file from the file menu, the window that opens extends past the top of the screen and there seems to be no way that I can move it.

Any solutions for this?


Chromebooks are not officially supported.

If 2.4.2 works, I’d suggest that you use that (I’m using 2.4.2 on Linux because it is the most stable and reliable version for Linux).

Good suggestion. I do like some of the enhancements in version 3, but 2.4.2 is working fine and I’ll stick with it.

I have installed Audacity 3.2.3 on my Acer Chromebook.
I can get only working with the instruction : “./audacity-3.2.3xxxx” but I can’t put it in the app lauchner by doing : “./audacity-3.2.3xxxx install”.
If I do it, Audacity works but I have the message : “install could not be found, It has been removed from the list of recent files”??
So to use Audacity, I need to work with the terminaI.
Is there any other solution to work your app?
Thanks for your answer

There are Linux installation instructions on the download page: Audacity ® | | Download for Linux

For Chromebook, note:

Audacity does not run directly on Chrome OS, but Chrome OS 69 or later support running containerized Linux. At time of writing, Linux support in Chrome OS is experimental – refer to Google support for information about running Linux applications on Chrome OS.

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