problem in audacity 1.2.6 cross compilation for ARM


I am trying to cross compile Audacity 1.2.6 for arm based development machin.I downloaded Audacity 1.2.6
and wxX11-2.4.2 from site.I used steps as,

  1. wxX11-2.4.2
    $./configure --disable-unicode
    it makes wx-config.
    $ make (it fails saying src/gtk/files.lst not found)
    files.lst is at src/ so I copied it.
    $ cp src/files.lst src/gtl/files.lst
    $ make
    now it makes some more wxG… at /libs
    I copied wx-config to audacity1.2.6 directory
  2. Audacity 1.2.6
    $ ./configure --host=arm --disable-debugging --without-libmad --without-id3tag
    updated src/Makefile for CC and CXX as
    setenv CC arm_v6_le_uclibc-gcc
    setenv CXX arm_v6_le_uclibc-gcc
    $ make
    fails saying couldn’t find wx/utils.h,wx/ffile.h etc. for compiling src/Blockfile.cpp

Where am I wrong ? Whats missing.
Please share your thoughts.