Problem importing music files from my computer (Windows Media Player) to my Audacity project.j

All of a sudden, I am unable to import music files from CDs saved via the Windows Media Player to my Audacity project (home recording two hour shows for a local LP radio station). More often than I should, I am getting the message “no items match your search” after I pull up the album, filed in alphabetical order by the WMP program, I assume, and try to import a particular cut.

Now, I know this is more a WMP than an Audacity problem, but I fear I may have done something recently that makes a relatively larger number of CD cuts unavailable to me. there always had been been things I could not import, but they were few enough that I managed to work around them. I am getting this message now, however, much too often to even consider working around them in assembling a two hour program using my own library.

Any idea of what I did to get here? Any notion of how I can undo whatever I may have done to restrict my play list so severly?

You’ll have to find the actual files in whatever folder they are in. i.e. They may be in a sub-folder with the artist or album name. It’s totally unrelated to WMP or where the files came from.

Audacity won’t import from the library or a playlist. The library is just a “pointer” or “index”, and WMP doesn’t care where the files are as long as it knows where to find them.

What format are they? WAV? MP3? etc.? (It will help if Windows is configured to show the filename extensions.)

Thanks for your quick response – again!
Most files are in MP3 formaat, though some of the older ones are still in the wma. format…

the thing is: I have no problem until earlier this week in exporting files this way; I expect I may had inadvertently changed a setting, but a can’t imagine what that was.

The music is all in a sub-folder of Documents called “Music files”. I don’t think I created it or named it, but I do knoww that they were all placed there as I uploaded a disc using Window Media…

thanks again.

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