Problem importing audio

Sorry for my poor english.
I use windows seven and audacity 2.1.0
When I import an audio file (mp3 or wav), the audio imports but I only see a line and have no sound.
How can I solve this problem? Thank you.

Look at Edit > Preferences… then “Directories” at where your Audacity temporary directory is and how much space is on the drive. You must have permission to write to that folder.

Norton or some cleanup tool could be interfering, thinking you want to delete temporary files, but that would not usually happen immediately after import.

If a cleanup tool is the problem and you cannot configure the tool, try setting the temporary directory to a location that does not have “temp” in its name. It is usually easiest to type a folder name into the box in Directories Preferences. If you browse to and open a folder, Audacity adds "audacity_temp" to the folder name, so you would then have to remove the "audacity_temp".


…the audio imports but I only see a line and have no sound.

So, you can play it in Audacity and you hear it, but you can’t see the waveform? …I’m betting you can’t hear it and it’s not actually importing.

When I import an audio file (mp3 or wav)…

It’s unusual to have trouble with either format, but WAV files can be non-standard.

How many MP3/WAV files did you try, and where did they come from?

Do the files play in Windows Media Player?

At this point, I’d guess it’s something “unusual” about the audio files. If you don’t have any other audio files handy, Windows comes with WAV files for the “beeps”, 'dings", etc. Search your hard drive for *.WAV and try dragging one of those files into Audacity.

If the “line” is the correct length of the song it’s almost certainly got to be a problem with the Audacity temp directory, unless Audacity suddenly can’t read the drive the songs are importing from. That would be very unusual. If you look at Help > Show Log… that would help clarify the problem.

If the song was imported incorrectly, you would usually get loud noise.

If the song did not import, there would be no line, and usually no track.