Problem getting Audacity to send audio to earphones in v 3.2.1 [SOLVED]

I’ve recently updated Audacity to v 3.2.1 running under Mac OS. 12.2.1 (Monterey) and cannot locate how to send audio out to earphones. I had this sorted in the previous version of Audacity.
I’ve read the stuff relating to this in the forum but the menu options appear to differ in this version (3.2.1).
For instance clicking on “Audio Setup/playback device” brings up the only options of “iMac speakers” or “Microsoft Teams Audio”… no mention of earphones.
Similarly clicking on the speaker icon I get “Options” which brings up a window with “Playback Meter Options” …… again no mention of audio out to earphones.
I guess the options are there somewhere but where I ask?
Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 12.36.38.png
Screenshot 2022-10-20 at 12.28.18.png

Windows guy here.

Does Transport > Rescan Audio Devices change your available Playback Devices?

Does output through your speakers come out of your earphones, instead, when they are plugged in?

Try View > Toolbars > Device Toolbar

Hi “jademan”
Many thanks for your input.
You are a genius!!
As you suggested, I tried Transport/Rescan Audio Devices and I thought nothing had happened. I was about to give up but then under Audio Setup/Playback Device I saw that the earphones option had magically appeared in the menu.
Easy when you know how! Thank you.

:blush: I’ll mark this solved :blush: