Problem getting a Cassette player connected via USB to work with audacity

I am trying to convert some cassettes to MP3. I am using a Panasonic stero cassette player and connecting the player via the stereo headphone jack that has a USB connector at the other end, so I can connect it to my Windows 10 PC (most current release).

I know there is output, as I can hear the tape output if I use my headphones.

However Audacity it does not recognise the recording device. (I only have MME, Windows DirectSource and Windows WASAPI)

Please suggest some trouble shooting steps.

I have tried to rescan for audio devices via the Transport Tab, but no luck with detecting the Player.

In my Tranport options I have turned OFF overdub.

I didn’t know such a wire existed. Maybe that is something that shouldn’t work at all. Headphone connectors are for an analogue signals, the USB is not.

here is an article showing it is possible

That is probably the worst walk-through that I’ve ever seen :smiley:

Do you mean a lead that has a USB connector at one end and a stereo mini-jack at the other?
What is the make / model of that lead? How do you know that it will work as you hope?

To record through the computer’s USB socket, the signal going into the USB socket needs to have been converted to digital data in a class compliant format. Leads to do that do exist (such as this: but (1) I’ve never seen one with a stereo mini-jack, (2) they are not very good. A much better solution is to use a USB audio interface (I often use a cheap Behringer UCA-202).

What steve said.

So you are best off reading the instructions for your cassette player. Many of these players have a USB port only so you can play from USB memory sticks. For example, here are part of the instructions for the Panasonic RX-D55:
I don’t believe that Panasonic makes any cassette players that can output or record through the USB port. You can do an internet search for “usb cassette converter” however, I cannot vouch for the quality of any of these units.

Again, what steve said…

Thanks Steve and Jademan

Unfortunately my Panasonic devices have 2.5 mm output jacks (there are multiple 3.5 USB cable connector devices available but few for 2.5mm).

I guess I can try to purchase a cassette player with a USB output.

Thanks for your help.