problem connecting Casio keyboard -Windows 8.1 Audacity 2.4.1


My specs
I am running Windows 8.1 / Audacity 2.4.1 / Casio CDP-100 keyboard

My problem
I would appreciate some advice please. My experience with digital music = zero.
I can’t get any sound coming through Audacity when I plug my Casio keyboard into my Laptop.

My Hardware
The Casio has the 5-pin Midi ports IN/OUT.
I have a Midi-to-USB cable - it has the little device in the middle with the power/in/out lights
The USB end is straight forward - I can’t go wrong and I do get the power light on when it is plugged into laptop.
I have tried all combinations with the MIDI IN/OUT connectors.

When I configure Audacity I use Windows WASAPI (my other 2 options are Windows Directsound and MME)
My Casio instructions show me how to configure 1-16 channels for MIDI - I have tried the first 5 but doesn’t seem to make any difference.
I have installed the drivers ASIO4ALL for USB and they are working properly in Device Manager but don’t seem to make any difference.

I have watched so many videos and searched Audacity help and this forum but I can’t pinpoint my specific problem.

Please can anyone help.


The MIDI connection is not the right one for using with AUDACITY. AUDACITY is a AUDIO-recording software, which means that real sound-waves are recorded.

MIDI-recording only “records” the key press events from your CASIO and needs the same keyboard to "playback it again. If you plan to do this, search for a MIDI-Software like CUBASIS.

To work with AUDACITY you need a cable from CASIO HEADPHONE OUT to COMPUTER LINE IN. Then you can record the piano-sounds. Often a combination of adapter (f.e.: and a 3.5mm-stereo-cable (f.e.:

Thanks Midmaster for your response - that explains my problem.

When you say Computer Line in - will that be my Headphone Port as I only have that and USB on my Laptop?


Upps… this sounds like you have a notebook? Tower PC have a field with 6 sound-sockets (Left-Right-Center- Headphone OUT - Line-In-STEREO MONO-Micro-In), but notebooks only have one socket with a combination for STEREO-HEADPHONE-OUT and MONO-MICRO-IN. Also therefore are adapter cables avaiable, but they all are only MONO.

In this case I would suggest to buy a USB-AUDIO-DEVICE, which normaly offers you STEREO-OUT, STEREO-IN and you can plug in Keyboards, Microphones and External speakers, Mixing Knobs for playback and instrument signal and also the latency is better. prices starting from 30,oo EUR

My favorite is the PRESONUS AUDIOBOX (3 models: 22-VSL, USB-96 and I-TWO all three quasi the same, and suitable for your purposes). High End Amps, 8msec Latency, perfect routing facilities, price 85,oo-99,ooEUR. more info:

Thanks, I appreciate your help and recommendations I will purchase the cheap one until I get my head aorund things lol.