problem burning to disc

I have version 2.0.3 which I have been using for some time now on Windows 7 without any problems but suddenly I am having a problem burning anything that has been sourced through Audacity. I export to my computer and open it in itunes, put it in a playlist and burn to disc as an audio cd but it throws up an error 4450. I have also just bought a new laptop with windows 10 and have loaded Audacity onto that and I am getting exactly the same problem. I have also tried burning with other programms such as Deamon Tools but having the same problem. Please can someone help me.

throws up an error 4450.

That’s a burn error.

It is no longer possible to get good quality blank CDs. Sometimes burning at a slower speed will allow you to use lower quality CDs and still succeed. I use X8. Never, ever burn at “Highest Possible Speed.”

This isn’t an Audacity problem.


The current Audacity version is 2.1.2 You should consider upgrading.


Thank you for your response, I have tried reducing the burning speed down to 8x and it appears to burn and told successfull but there is absolutely nothing on the disc. I have tried burning on Itune, deamon tools, atroburn and nero all with the same result. Have saved to flash drive and it is perfect but this customer wants on disc. I am at my wits end as I have successfully burnt on the same make of discs and at max speed with absolutely no problem many times in the past.

We’re happy to troubleshoot with you and the chances of success are pretty good, but it’s not going to be fast. You’re stuck with this support forum; Audacity doesn’t have live phone support.

Put the show on a thumb drive and burn it somewhere else until we resolve this.

Is this a stereo show? Describe the work. Are you a voice artist? How are you recording your voice? Describe in detail.

If you play the work in Audacity, do you have two identical blue waves and do the bouncing sound meters bounce exactly together?

One blue wave?

Do your disks play in the car assuming you have a CD player in the car?


We’re clear you have two different problems? This latest problem is not a burn error. This is unknown but probably a production or sound file fault.

And just because I haven’t been depressing enough, Windows 10 is not an upgrade. It’s a whole new system and your equipment, devices, microphones, etc have to say explicitly they support Windows 10. It has to say that somewhere in the documentation.


How are you determining that there is nothing on the disc?

Can you burn from the flash drive to CD?

Were you ever able to burn to CD on either machine?

Are you exporting from Audacity as 44100 Hz 16-bit stereo WAV?


There are magic errors. There is a way to connect a microphone wrong where the show only appears if you’re listening in stereo. If you have a mono player or a sound system that mixes down to mono, the show will vanish.

There are ways in Audacity to discover errors like this, but you do have to work with us.