pro audacity

Audacity can record streaming audio when the paid audition can not.why not make a pro paid audacity which has editing functions like audition. How does the program record stream audition can not?

Audacity for desktop will always be free. We would greatly appreciate a donation if you’re willing.

We can’t tell you because you give no information about your system. If it’s Windows Vista or later, Audacity uses the Windows WASAPI loopback method built into Windows: Loopback Recording (Windows).


Vista 32 bit an 7 64 bit. Audacity will record stream but audition won’t but audition is a better editor.If you get donations would you add to the editing to make it a bit like audition in terms of editing?

A lot of recorder you cannot hear when you record and have to change devices to hear which means you record more than needed. Audacity will just play and record. I would pay for it before i would pay for audition

I think you should capture in Audacity and edit in Audition. Nowhere is it written you can’t have two editors. I have two. I wouldn’t run both at the same time. Audacity doesn’t like that.


Adobe Audition has some features / abilities that Audacity does not, and there are a few things that Audition can do better than Audacity, but overall I find Audacity to be quicker, easier and more productive to work with. Given that Adobe Audition is a commercial non-free application ($239.88 per year) and is developed by a team of paid developers, whereas Audacity is free, it is not surprising that there are some benefits to Adobe Audition. Having said that, Audacity does have some features/abilities that are not available in Audition, such as (in no particular order):

For the cost of 1 years licensed use of Adobe Audition, you could buy a very nice new microphone.

I always run Audacity as second fiddle, next to Reaper, Garageband and Sony Sound Forge. No problem.

So if you have a problem between Audition and Audacity, I think you should blame Audition, not Audacity.