Privacy and Safety in converting files on 3.0.0 with FFMpeg


I am using Audacity to convert MP4 video files into MP3 files for a research project. The MP4 files contain confidential information. In order to convert the MP4 files, I would need to also use FFMPegto help convert the files. I understand that FFMpeg is fairly new software and I haven’t been able to find whether or not using it would compromise the confidentiality of the files that I would be using.I’ve tried looking on their website for a forum similar to Audacity but have not been able to find anything. Can any one vouch for the safety of using MMfpeg in combination with Audacity for converting video files to audio files?


Probably the safest / most secure way to convert, would be to use FFmpeg from the command line. It’s complicated, but there’s lots of information via Google.
FFmpeg official site:
FFmpeg official documentation:

I understand that FFMpeg is fairly new software

I don’t know the history but it’s been around several years.

Apparently there ARE some [u]known vulnerabilities[/u] and Audacity doesn’t use the latest version. I’d guess it’s only an issue if you use FFmpeg to process an “infected” audio/video file, bust you’d have to do your own research.

It’s never been “flagged” by my anti-virus or anti-malware on my system. I don’t know if it’s allowed on sensitive government/corporate computers…

If you are super-paranoid don’t use an Internet-connected computer, encrypt your files, lock your computer in a secure room, and take any other precautions of your choice!