Printing my voice recording more clearly

hi! :smiley:
I am currently running Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows 7 OS. After some technical difficulties, I was able to record my voice as a sound wave. I would like to print my sound wave but when I do the wave looks rather disorted because regardless of how much or little I speak, the sound wave is squished onto one page when printed and the sound wave is taking up the majority of the space on the paper therefore it’s being stretched vertically so I end up with a very smudged looking sound wave that does not have any of the fine detail as I am seeing it on my computer screen. How can I adjust the print settings so it prints EXACTLY what I see on my screen regardless of number of pages or available page space? Is it my printer settings (HP Officejet J4680) or the settings within audacity as it is being sent to the printer or something else entirely??? Please help!! I need the sound wave details printed as clear as is humanly possible. Thanks much!! :wink:

The print function in Audacity is pretty basic.
Audacity also has “Screenshot Tools”:
Alternatively, use a “graphics” program such as Gimp or PhotoShop to create a screenshot of the waveform.