Previous Track "Printing" onto new track.

I record a 1st track( all good) I then open a new 2nd track and record that. Upon playback of track 2 soloed, I hear in error both tracks 1 & 2… The 1st track in "imprinted " on the new track… I can fix it (Unsatisfactorily) by going into… Preferences:Recording and Unchecking “Play other tracks while recording” … Of course I want to hear the other other track , just not re-record it /duplicate it… Can someone help? Using Windows 8, Audacity 2.3.1 and interface is Steinberg UR22mkII… thanks.

This has been a standing unsolved problem. Somehow, Audacity is finding a “sneak” audio pathway and instead of just sending track one to your headphones as a backing track, it’s recording track one in addition to the live performance.

Make sure you have Playthrough turned off in Preferences > Recording and make sure you’re recording from your microphone or instrument and nothing else and it should say so in the recording tool bar. You must overdub with sealed on the head headphones, or the backing track room echoes may leak into the microphone.

You can get this error if you like to record internet music or shows. You can either do that or your can overdub, not both.


Thanks for the prompt reply… Just tried installing another recording platform… (NCH Mixpad) It does the same thing ! Open up a new 2nd track Window , hit record and I have a Duplicate of Track #1 on Track 2… Don’t know where to go from here? Is it my Steinberg Interface? There is nothing to adjust much i would think… BTW i am new . This is my first crack at home recording. (Long Time Live Musician)

Don’t know where to go from here?

You can start with that list above. Do you like to record internet shows or music?


What are your settings in the device toolbar?

Thanks Steve… Settings are :: MME : Line Recording Device (Steinberg UR22mk11 : (Mono) Record : Playback Device Line (Steinberg UR22Mk11 )
I am recording original music (not importing pre recorded music or shows) Track 1 was Drum Machine , Track 2 was intended to be Guitar ,but I get the Monitored Drum track re-recorded along with the guitar… If I kill the monitored Drum track in recording prefs , it won’t duplicate(Great !) but then i have no guide to play along to. The Problem makes the “Duplicate Feature” in the Edit drop down box null and void lol… This issue is not a bit of minor bleed or spill, it is a replication/duplication issue… I wonder if my Asio Driver/Steinberg interface is just not compatible with this software ? Thanks in advance…

Audacity can’t use your ASIO driver (ASIO is disabled in the release version due to licensing constraints), but Audacity should be able to use the UR22mk11 with WDM drivers (standard Windows drivers).

I guess it could be possible that if you’ve been running an ASIO enabled application, that could have opened up signal pathways that are now causing the UR22mk11 to record its own output. As a test, you could try uninstalling the ASIO drivers, and then rebooting your computer.

Another possibility is that some other program (such as Fraps, VoiceMeeter or VAC) could be creating such signal pathways.

Thanks Steve for your reply… I don’t think I can access another Audio Driver with my Steinberg UR22 unless it can be accessed as an option from the Audacity DAW… I have a download for ASIO4ALL driver on my Desktop which works (I found out this morning) with another DAW . It, apparantly despite its name is NOT an ASIO Driver… I can’t see how i can select this on Audacity which would be my preferred DAW… I may have to use the other DAW… Thanks again…

According to the Steinberg UR22 manual, the device can work with standard Windows drivers.
Do you need to use any programs that “require” ASIO?

I have found the answer to my problem… (After about 50 hrs of pulling my hair out ) To stop a track replicating itself on any new track i wished to record… I had to go to the “Yamaha Driver” in programmes on my computer ( Not on my DAW software ) and uncheck the “Enable Looping” box.
Why this is box is checked when the driver is installed is beyond me… Apparantly it suits Karaoke enthusists as it loops Track 1 output to Track 2 input and you can sing along… Wow what a huge waste of time but i got there in the end. Thanks guys for responding to my questions.

I had to go to the “Yamaha Driver” in programmes on my computer ( Not on my DAW software ) and uncheck the “Enable Looping” box.

Thanks a bunch for writing back with this info. That’s another suggestion for other people who have this problem. You can understand how the forum elves from multiple time zones away would never figure that out on your computer. This is the kind of thing we’re up against.

Foldback like that is much more popular than you think. For one thing, versions of it allow you to copy internet music and shows. Insanely popular. Normally, there’s no natural pathway on the computer which does that.

How did you find it? It’s not like you got up one morning and said, “I think I’ll check the Yamaha drivers this morning.”

Clever Google search?


I found it on a Cubase forum. Cubase of course is married to Steinberg and problem was half pie common…Just a footnote… The looping/ duplication problem still happened using other drivers and on other free DAW platforms…I had to go into “Yamaha” ( not Asio) on my C Drive to uncheck looping… So I wonder that I fixed my settings on the actual Steinburg UR22 hardware rather than the Audio Driver as the hardware was the only common ground in this fiasco? …cheers.