"Preview" of audio files in a directory

I’m running Windows 10 with Audacity 2.3.3, not that this matters for this question I think, because it’s a more generich question and not a bug. :slight_smile:

So I have downloaded a lot of WAV files (ST-XX in case somebody knows it), because I want to use them as instruments in OpenMPT. Now the problem is, that I have tons of files in the various directories and when I play them with some windows tool, they all seem to be too fast. Because of the huge number of files, I don’t want to load them all individually into Audacity, just to listen to them and get an idea what this file is. So I wondered if there is some kind oe “preview” mode, where I can browse through lots of audio files, playing them and eventually adjust playback speed on the fly, without first loading them and doing some processing.
I also looked in the plugins, but they seem to offer only effects, and not such a feature.

If Audacity can not do this, is there some good tool which can do this? I found one which looked promising (Resonic) which seemed to offer what I was looikng for, but somehow it seemed to be buggy, because it immediately started to play all files in a directory one after the other, which gets a bit annyoing. :slight_smile:

You could enable the Preview pane under the View tab in Windows Explorer.